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Call for Failures!

Dear Cryptologists,

Do you have insightful and exciting work sitting in a drawer somewhere because it never quite panned out? Are you willing to share your failed approaches so that others can learn from them without having to re-travel the same road? Are you tired of reading papers that pretend the incremental result they happened to achieve was their goal all along?


We are! That’s why we have created a new conference: a place for papers that describe instructive failures or not-yet-successes, as they may prefer to be called.


The Conference for Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses (CFAIL) is seeking original papers in the field of cryptology that detail currently unsuccessful but insightful attempts to:


            Prove a conjecture,

            Disprove a conjecture,

            Design a cryptographic algorithm or reduction,

            Simplify a cryptographic algorithm or concept,

            Cryptanalyze a cryptosystem,

            Implement a cryptosystem,

            Formulate a new security definition,

            Systemize a collection of ad-hoc attacks,

            Or any other task that is part of the practice of theoretical or applied cryptology, broadly construed.

Conference and submission details for CFAIL 2020 will be coming soon.