CFAIL 2021 will take place as an affiliated workshop to CRYPTO 2021, on Saturday August 14, 2021. ​It will be a virtual event.

Accepted papers:

  • Iterated Inhomogeneous Polynomials, by Jiaxin Guan and Mark Zhandry

  • Oh Non! Quel Malheur! Standard Techniques Fail for the Prime-Order Petit IBE, by Vanesa Daza, Zaira Pindado, Carla Ràfols, and Javier Silva

  • Incorrectly Generated RSA Keys: How I learned to stop worrying and recover plaintexts, by Daniel Shumow

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat: How to Not Find Weak Keys in Pilsung, by Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, Eyal Ronen, Gregory G. Rose, and Yuval Yarom

  • A Comparative Study of Vision and AES in the FHE Setting, by Dilara Toprakhisar, Mohammad Mahzoun, and Tomer Ashur

  • The Need for Being Explicit When Communicating, by Nina Bindel and Sarah McCarthy